Our experience providing investment solutions to corporations is extensive, having worked with some of the most recognizable and sophisticated corporations in the world prior to launching Nu Paradigm. This includes defined benefit (both ongoing and frozen), 401(k), deferred compensation, health and welfare plans, insurance pools and general operating assets. We incorporate each company’s unique desired exposure to investment risks and market opportunities, both tactical and strategic, in order to best meet enterprise goals. By analyzing all areas of the corporate structure, we work with you to collaboratively construct an intelligent solution. Nu Paradigm’s approach to implementation is more flexible, practical and specifically tailored to your individual needs with an emphasis on reducing costs. Our depth and breadth in areas including customized liability driven investing (LDI), custom target- date glide path implementation and risk management help to ensure you meet the needs of your beneficiaries and satisfy your fiduciary obligations. Finally, to remain accountable to you and your plan’s beneficiaries, we conduct ongoing performance-monitoring to measure accountability against stated goals.