What We Do

The foundation of our strategic partnership with you is comprehensive, experience-based Strategic AdviceNu Paradigm’s breadth and depth in consulting, capital markets and investments enables us to develop robust solutions in collaboration with you, regardless of asset size or the specific challenges you face. Building on this, we also offer Portfolio Implementation services that are individually tailored to deliver high-impact investment opportunities, avoid unnecessary complexities, successfully manage risks and achieve timely executions – all with a focus on reducing and controlling total portfolio costs.

Prior to developing or implementing solutions for you, we make sure to understand your perspective. We do this by developing a clear picture of your views, goals and constraints through a robust dialogue that includes mutually challenging each other. This is one of our key strengths and it has developed over time through our client relationships and industry experience. Through this process, we identify the specific challenges you need to solve and how we can best partner with you to achieve success. Examples of questions we ask through this dialogue include:

  • How do you define “success” and what metrics do you use to measure it? Is there a consistent definition across stakeholders?
  • What are your fiduciary responsibilities and which are you most concerned about?
  • What aspects of the investment program should be delegated to others vs. retained?
  • What role does active investment management have in the portfolio? Are there specific areas you feel it is more or less appropriate?
  • Do you believe in tactical/opportunistic investing? If so, are you well positioned to implement?
  • Do your risk policies focus on both better-understood market risks as well as extreme market dislocations?
  • How do you think about costs? What is the current level of fee transparency?