Portfolio Implementation

Volatile markets, fiduciary concerns and limited internal resources are driving many investors to seek better implementation. Many providers of outsourced CIO (“oCIO”) offer an “all or nothing” business model which requires complete portfolio and manager turnover as well as funding proprietary products. Nu Paradigm offers a more flexible and practical approach to implementation.

Consistent with how we deliver strategic advice, Nu Paradigm’s implementation offerings are specifically tailored to your individual needs with an emphasis on reducing costs. We do not use proprietary products thereby better aligning our interests with yours.

Additionally, we recognize that many investors prefer a collaborative “co-CIO” who can work alongside you and other key stakeholders to implement the best solution for the plan’s beneficiaries. Under this scenario, Nu Paradigm acts as an ally and confidant depending on your resource constraints and the level of direct control desired. Nu Paradigm also has the ability to work with your current asset managers should you prefer to keep certain relationships active.

Regardless of the scope of the assignment, we can implement on your behalf in the following areas:

Portfolio Structure

  • Construct a portfolio consistent with investment policy
  • Focus on optimizing risk-adjusted returns (net of fees)
  • Reflect liquidity and lock-up constraints
  • Incorporate existing managers

Manager Selection

  • Negotiation, appointment and execution of terms with investment managers on behalf of our clients
  • Termination and replacement of investment managers as appropriate based on client goals
  • Ongoing monitoring of investment managers

Review and Performance Analysis

  • Establishment and monitoring of rebalancing policies
  • Ongoing evaluation (at least annually) of client governance and oversight procedures for the investment program
  • Asset allocation and investment policy development including at least an annual review of each

Administration & Operations

  • Development of investment committee agendas and leading such meetings, as requested
  • Audit support upon request
  • Ongoing investment education as requested by the client