Strategic Advice

Establishing and implementing a tailored, comprehensive strategy is critical to long-term investment success. For all of our engagements, we employ a proprietary assessment process that we developed from our decades of experience working with a wide range of investors.

We call this process Nu Paradigm  ARC – Assess, Report, Collaborate.


We assess and evaluate all aspects of the investment program including:

  • Governance and decision-making processes
  • Overall goals and mission
  • Investment and any other key policies (e.g. spending, funding, sustainability)
  • Current asset allocation
    • Return and risk characteristics
    • Portfolio attribution analysis
    • “Stress Testing” for economic shocks
    • Fund/manager structure
    • Detailed fee analysis
  • Current providers relative to goals including fee analysis
    • Advisors
    • Consultants
    • Asset managers
    • Custodian/trustees


Produce and deliver a detailed report including:

  • Key strengths and weaknesses in each of the areas we assess
  • Opportunities for improvement including specific recommendations
  • Updated asset allocation and portfolio structure, if appropriate
    • Incorporate additional return and diversification opportunities
    • Highlight areas for potential cost savings
    • Identify current areas that are not being rewarded commensurate with risk exposure
    • Deliver an updated portfolio with improved risk-adjusted returns (net of fees)


  • Work with you to develop an action plan
  • Interact with current providers on your behalf to affect agreed upon changes
  • Suggest new providers to the extent necessary
  • Participate in periodic investment committee meetings to provide investment education, market trends and industry updates
  • Monitor and help adjust policies if circumstances change to ensure the portfolio stays on track

Nu Paradigm ARC
gives us the foundation necessary to provide intelligent, actionable advice and gives our clients clarity on the rationale behind our recommendations. It is important to understand that the recommendations emerging from ARC are really an intermediate stage in the process. We enthusiastically encourage debate to ensure we arrive at the best solution for your short and long term portfolio needs and ultimate investment success.